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Navel Ear
Titanium Ring£27 Rim
Jewelled Titanium Ring£27 Titanium Ring£19
Single Jewelled Titanium £32Titanium Barbell £25
Double Jewelled Titanium Barbell £35Titanium Barbell £28
Jewelled Titanium Barbell £28
Nipple (Pair)
Titanium Ring                      £30 £45 Tragus, Conch, Rook, Diath
Jewelled Titanium Ring         £33 £50Titanium Ring £25
Titanium Barbell                   £33 £50Jewelled Titanium Ring £25
Titanium Barbell £25
Tongue Jewelled Titanium Barbell £28
Titanium Bar£30
Titanium (with plastic balls - recommended) £32Pair of Lobes with ear gun £14
Both include shorter bar for use when swelling has subsided Single Lobe with Gun £7
Lip/Labret/Madonna Eyebrow
Titanium Micro Stud £28Titanium Ring £25
Jewelled Micro Stud£32 Titanium Barbell £28
Nose Aftercare Lotions
Plain Titanium Ball £22Navel Wash / Aftercare Lotion £3.90
Titanium Jewelled Stud£25 Balm for Tattoos £4.50